## Pyro Pest Control ##

You descend into the dungeon in hope of ridding the rat king and stopping this plague of darkness at its source.

You are the drunken pyromaniac of the village, sent on a quest to rid the world of the rat king.  Descend down 10 levels, defeat the beast and make your escape.

Featuring an intricate turn-based system,  everything takes it turn at the same time.  How much ground you cover in a turn is down to you, whether you walk one tile or utilize your full speed, the monsters will utilize their full speed every turn.

You'll have to think about each move and predict where an enemy might land when casting a spell to land a hitRemember, everything takes its turn at the same time.

Resources deep in the dungeon are scarce, manage your resources well and hold on to that torch, things are going to get dark.

Control where you move and aim with the mouse, and your actions with the keyboard.  Keyboard-movement might come post-7drl.

Made for 7DRL in just under 7 days, pre-existing resources where a few chunks of level generation code from another project, everything else written from scratch in C, using SDL2 and emscripten.

The following sprites where drawn by @rovi: [Player, Skeleton, Scroll, Food, Rat King]

Cover art by TheLittleFeatherArtist

Source code


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Tileset looks great, the game plays very smooth, and has interesting tactical choices. The fire and lighting looked great when a room was glowing and flickering from a good hit. And having the visual indication of turns is a good feature. I did have a few sticking points though, some things are so tiny!  Doors and rats in particular were tough for me to spot.  Also the enemies felt really resilient, like if a rat didn't die from the initial hit they'd usually be right on top of you. I wasn't sure if I was taking my turns correctly. 

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Thanks for playing!  I agree entirely on your points made, I should have made those aspects more clear, unfortunately I'm not a very good artist :D

I was hoping to have a fullscreen mode available which would solve some of the size and visibility issues but honestly, I couldn't figure out how to make that work in time.  SDL2 and emscripten seem really strange.  I suppose the only alternative at the moment would be to ctrl+ on the browser :(


Your effects were definitely art!  Like, I don't think Ive seen a RL with reflects before, and the soft edges on the darkness were really atmospheric! And yea I get that about sizing, I hate trying to setup resolution stuff on my projects there's so many ways it can turn out.